With 30+ years of combined experience providing leadership and guidance to schools, physicians, and community organizations on behavioral health strategies, we are excited to work with you on creating a comprehensive plan for your team. We will conduct a needs assessment and will offer trainings, workshops, and work plans based on the goals you have set. Our experience and training in PBIS, Trauma Informed Care, Behavior Strategies, Communication, Parenting, Early Childhood/Adolescent Mental Health, and Crisis Intervention allow us the opportunity to develop consulting plans designed specifically for your needs.

Our consulting services include the following areas:

Classroom Behavior Strategies
School Wide Positive Behavior Supports
Administration/Leadership training
Team Building
Specific Trainings on various mental health diagnoses
Crisis Planning and Intervention
Impact of Trauma on any population
Social/Emotional Development in early childhood
Social/Emotional Development in adolescence
Suspension and Attendance concerns